Moon Manifesting Coven

Manifest your dreams with the power of the moon cycle

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Imagine being supported by a group of like-minded people to manifest your wildest dreams (that others would probably laugh at)…

Imagine having the wisdom of knowing how to work with the moon cycle to manifest with ease…

Imagine what you could manifest if you KNEW the Universe is supporting you, no matter what…

THIS is the power of the Moon Manifesting Coven.

Manifestation is the most powerful tool to help you live the life you want.

What you receive inside the Coven:

Regular lunar love notes to keep you up-to-date with how to use the moon’s energy


Live group calls for manifestation mentoring every new moon

Workbooks to use every new & full moon to deep dive into this potent manifesting energy

Access to my all-new Moon Manifesting Course, unlocking the secrets to manifesting your goals with the power of the moon

Daily prompts for working with the current lunar energy

Digital PDF of the 2024 Moon Manifesting Journal

Private Coven community so you can connect with like-minded people

Digital monthly Moon Manifesting Calendar

Join the Coven for only AU$55 per month

What’s included in the Coven:

You receive:

2024 Moon Manifesting Journal

New & Full Moon Journals every month

Moon Manifesting Course

Digital monthly Moon Manifesting Calendars

New Moon group manifestation mentoring calls

Lunar love notes (regular email updates about the moon’s energy)

Access to our exclusive Coven community

That’s over $1000 value for only $55 per month 😱

What Others Are Saying:

I’m so excited to join the MMC! Having been in Kyra’s universe for the past 3 years, I don’t need convincing that this coven is going to up my manifestation game, in particular I’m excited to get my weekly lunar love notes back – knowing where and what the Moon is doing, direct to my inbox, is something I’ve really missed.

The bonus inclusions are also top notch! Kyra’s astrology courses were the beginning of my astrology journey, and working with her and astrology has set me on my soul-aligned path. 11/10 recommend

Sasha Andersson

Praise for the Moon Workbooks:

A friend and I worked through this last night for the full moon – it was so wonderful! We discussed it afterwards and agreed that it was very well thought out, each section flowed from one to another, and we both felt very empowered after going through the journal. Will definitely be getting these each month!

More Testimonials:

I have loved leaning into the energy of the moon to help hit my goals. I’ve also loved the reminders to rest and let go of things. I believe it’s super important in life. Energy is so powerful. Your body ends up being in sync with the energy of the universe, when you’re aware of the energy around you. Life flows easier.

E. A.

What You Receive:

Full & New Moon Workbooks every month (value $15)

Monthly live call (value $250)

Lunar love note emails (value $200)

Moon Manifesting Course (value $500)

Monthly digital Moon Manifesting Calendars (value $50)


But you only pay $55 today to get access to ALL of this!

Every new moon we’ll meet online for a group call to set new intentions, check in with our past goals, and inspire each other to keep manifesting the life we’re dreaming of 😍

I’m here to cheer you on & support you to achieve your dreams!

Every new & full moon you’ll receive an in-depth digital workbook that helps you tune into working with the current lunar energy to manifest your dreams. These workbooks are usually 20+ pages, printable, and contain journal pages, tarot spreads, rituals, and information about the current lunar energy.

You’ll love using these workbooks throughout your moon manifesting journey!

That’s over $1000 value for only $55 per month 😱

Meet your moon manifestation mentor

Hi, I’m Kyra, and I empower others to manifest their wildest dreams with the power of the moon cycle.

Once upon a time, I felt like I was stuck in a constant cycle of financial stress & living a life I hated. I was solo parenting & homeschooling my 4 children while my husband worked his butt off in neighbouring towns. I had no time to myself, I felt alone, I felt powerless.

But one day I heard about new moon intention setting, and that changed my life…

I made time for myself one night to get out my journal & tarot cards, I lit a few candles, and I set some intentions. Something just for ME. I allowed myself to think about all the things that I wanted. Not for my family, not for my kids, not for anyone else but ME.

From that moment on, I found my power. I began to manifest a better life. Since then, I’ve used the same moon manifesting processes to bring some of my wildest dreams into reality:

  • We bought our first house!
  • I sent my kids to school (and then returned to homeschooling again 😅)
  • I became a yoga teacher
  • I bought a brand new Tesla
  • I went on solo trips across the country
  • I started my own businesses
  • I manifested trips for my family

I also became more confident, more spiritually connected, and more abundant.

And I want this for YOU too.

Join the Moon Manifesting Coven to discover exactly how you can manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of too.