Vibe Higher

because life is too short to feel like shit

Does this sound like you?

Struggling to lose weight

Know you should be making healthier choices but it's difficult to do so

Turning to escapism because you don't love your reality

You already KNOW the choices you are making are bringing your vibes down, but you feel STUCK in this cycle of turning to alcohol, junk food, laziness & escapism.

And you KNOW you could easily turn your entire life around, if only you had more support…

You’re ready to vibe higher.

I’m here to help you.

What's inside Vibe Higher:

Online yoga & meditation

7-day juice fast guidance

4 x 60 min Wellness Consultations

All-inclusive* 6-day retreat in Bali

Access to the Moon Manifesting Coven

When you join VIBE HIGHER, you’ll receive access to my BEST tools over 4 incredible months to help you achieve the results you’re aiming for:

* Weekly online LIVE yoga classes (value $44/week)

* Access to my library of past yoga classes & meditations so you’ve always got spiritual & fitness inspiration (value over $1300)

* 7-day juice fast guidance in January so you can look & feel your absolute BEST (value $333)

* Monthly 60-minute Wellness Consultation x 4, for personalized health guidance & prescription herbal medicines (value $1000)

* 6-day retreat in Bali (includes accommodation, nutritious foods, spiritual healing, and more!) *excludes flights & transfer (value over $3000)

* Access to the Moon Manifesting Coven for manifestation mentoring for all your goals (priced at $55/month but contains over $600 value)

You receive over $7000 value for ONLY $4729

Payment plans available

Don't wait until Jan 1st to commit to your wellness!

Payment options:

Monthly payment plan

  • 7-day juice fast
  • Moon Manifesting Coven
  • Monthly new moon manifestation calls
  • Unlimited yoga
  • Monthly Wellness Consultations, just for you
  • All my support to help you VIBE HIGHER!

Weekly payment plan

  • 7-day juice fast
  • Moon Manifesting Coven
  • Monthly new moon manifestation calls
  • Unlimited yoga
  • Monthly Wellness Consultations, just for you
  • All my support to help you VIBE HIGHER!

What you get:

AWAKEN Bali Retreat | Kyra Howearth

An EPIC retreat in Bali!

We’ll join together in-person at our epic AWAKEN Bali Retreat from April 30-May 5 2024. You can find out more about this life-changing retreat here.

In Bali, you’ll be able to nourish your body with nutritious foods, juices & daily yoga, as well as participate in transformational cultural immersions, including a trip to a Balinese healing & sacred cleansing waterfall. You’ll leave this retreat feeling more connected to your spiritual practice & inspired to continue on your path to wellness.

Your retreat ticket includes accommodation, food, cultural experiences, workshops & more! Excludes flights & transfers.


AWAKEN Bali Retreat | Kyra Howearth

4 x Wellness Consultations - monthly 1:1 checkins for your mind, body & spirit

In a 1:1 consult, you can utilize any of my skills to help you vibe higher & raise your consciousness! Your Monthly Wellness Consultations may include:

  • Medical astrology
  • Herbalist advice
  • Astrology or tarot reading
  • Business coaching
  • Yoga therapy

You’ll receive 4 x 60-minute consultations with Kyra to use before 30/6/2024.

AWAKEN Bali Retreat | Kyra Howearth

Access to the Moon Manifesting Coven

YES you get to be part of the Moon Manifesting Coven for the duration of VIBE HIGHER, woohoo!

Inside the Moon Manifesting Coven, you’ll receive the tools to help you manifest the life of your dreams.

  • Group calls every new moon to set new goals & learn how to work with the new moon cycle
  • Regular emails to stay up-to-date with the moon cycle & practical ways to harness this energy
  • In-depth workbooks for every new & full moon to deep dive into the lunation
  • Access to my Moon Manifesting Course, your guide to work with all the moon phases & zodiac signs
AWAKEN Bali Retreat | Kyra Howearth

Unlimited yoga

Whether you’re already an advanced yogi, or you need a gentle low-impact movement practice, there’s something for you inside Flow With The Moon – included with your VIBE HIGHER membership!

You’ll get access to:

  • LIVE online classes every week
  • Over 70 hours of past classes & pre-recorded classes, covering a range of yoga styles & meditations

Improve your physical, mental & spiritual wellness with this online yoga program.

AWAKEN Bali Retreat | Kyra Howearth

7-day juice fast

Juicing is an incredible way to fill your body with loads of nutrients, while also cleansing away what’s no longer needed in the body. You can expect to shift weight, regulate your food addictions, and start vibrating at a higher level.

But, it can be SO HARD to stay accountable to sticking with a 7-day juice fast if you’re doing it by yourself.

This is why we’ll be doing a 7-day guided juice fast TOGETHER, so we can encourage each other & stay accountable.

There will be supervision & modifications for your own wellness journey so you can SAFELY participate in this juice fast.

* You’ll need to supply your own juices. You’ll receive more information on this after joining Vibe Higher. 

You get over $7000 value!

My story:

This was me in 2014, with my newborn baby Vani.

I was tired & depleted.

I was always feeling so negative, cranky & irritable.

I was stressed out, trying to raise 3 kids solo while my husband worked away from home.

As much as I was trying to be a good mum, I was often angry with my kids – because my own needs weren’t being met.

Simply: my vibes were LOW.

But something shifted after this low point of my life…

I started focusing on nourishing myself & my kids with nutritious foods.

I made fresh smoothies, date & nut balls, salads, and lots of “hidden vegetable” dishes (in fact, I even wrote & sold a “Hidden Vegetables” recipe ebook!).

I started moving my body, every day.

I got back into juicing, and did my first 7-day juice fast (with the help of an accountability buddy).

I started connecting with people on the same journey to better health.

And, most importantly, I started to DREAM again.

I discovered moon manifesting, and started to set intentions & goals on the new moon. EVERY new moon.

I started to feel the BEST I ever had.

Not only physically well, but my mental health and spiritual health also vastly improved.

I started learning how to read tarot & being more open to spirituality, energetics, and the fact that not everything needs a “logical explanation”.

From my own personal journey to wellness, I decided I wanted to help others raise their vibe & feel their absolute best, too!

  • I studied Western Herbal Medicine and started helping clients, locally & online across Australia.
  • I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and began to teach yoga – for physical, emotional & spiritual wellness.
  • I began using Tarot & Astrology as tool to help others with their spiritual journeys.

I have the tools to help you improve your health & wellness holistically.

Because wellness is more than just your physical health!

Wellness includes your emotions, mind, AND your spiritual connection, too.

And that’s what Vibe Higher is all about:

Raising your vibes and feeling holistically well.

Vibe Higher and feel your BEST, ever.

What others are saying:

Kyra is amazing. She not only gives a great reading but she connects to you and you can feel her sincere and caring energy throughout. She definitely gave me clarity and put my mind and heart at ease. I would recommend connecting with her and I will be using her services again in the future. 

Ashley Nicole

Testimonial for 1:1 Session

My connection with Kyra was organic and gentle. I felt she really tuned into my energy and queries. I asked about career, surrounding energy and of course love.
I got so much more than expected with some interesting insights into the next few months.
Kyra’s time and energy is valuable my money was well spent. Look forward to another session in the near future.
Love and light from Michelle
Michelle Figares

Testimonial for 1:1 Session

Thank you so much Kyra for my incredible reading today. All I can say is Wow!! The info you gave me on my Astrology birth chart and through the tarot spread has been mind blowing. I am so inspired by our session and feel like I have so much clarity moving forward in life and business. xx
Melanie Lavender

Testimonial for 1:1 Session

Who is VIBE HIGHER for?

Burnt out mamas

Witchy women

Women who want to feel WELL

I see you, gorgeous woman.

You have so much inner beauty to share with the world, but your outer reality isn’t reflecting it (yet!).

You’re burnt out, tired, feeling heavy & sluggish.

You’ve tried to shift your weight & reclaim your wellness but nothing’s really *worked* for you.

You’ve tried going to the gym.

You’ve tried diets.

You’ve tried SO HARD but you feel so stuck in your body.

I hear you!

Inside Vibe Higher, I can’t wave a magick wand and make all your problems solve themselves.

But I CAN give you personalized guidance for YOUR body, and help you improve your health & wellness in a holistic way (rather than only focusing on one area of wellness).

We’ll be covering the Four Pillars of Wellness:

* Physical wellness

* Mental wellness

* Emotional wellness

* Spiritual wellness

To find true wellness, you need to look at your health from a HOLISTIC perspective.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring through our time together in Vibe Higher

More testimonials!

What to expect:

We officially begin on the New Moon in Capricorn on 11th January 2024. There’s no better time to set long-term goals than the Capricorn new moon!


You can schedule your first Monthly Wellness Consultation anytime in January, where you’ll receive personalized health advice to help you achieve your wellness goals.


We’ll complete our guided 7-day Juice Fast during January to help you get results, FAST.


You’ll have access to unlimited yoga – start your movement practice with our online weekly classes, or browse the library of over 70+ hours of past yoga, pranayama & meditation classes.


During February, you’ll be able to have your second Wellness Consultation as well as join our new moon group Manifestation Mentoring call. Expect to focus on your mental & emotional wellbeing as we harness the Aquarius & Pisces energies of this month.


In March, you’ll continue on your wellness journey focusing on spiritual wellness through our live yoga classes, monthly group calls, and individual Wellness Consultations to keep you on track with your goals.


Throughout April we’ll be working with the Aries energy to harness motivation & physical energy to help you achieve your physical wellness goals. We’ll also be preparing to meet at the end of the month for our AWAKEN Retreat.


From 30 April to 5 May 2024, we’ll hang out together in the magickal Bali (Indonesia) to integrate our time together in Vibe Higher, focusing on all Four Pillars of Wellness. By now, you’ll be feeling your most high-vibe, confident self!


After our Bali retreat, we’ll still have another few weeks of online yoga classes, a new moon Manifestation Mentoring call, and you may still have an individual Wellness Consultation. We’ll conclude our container with practical steps to help you keep on track with all the positive changes you’ve made to your health.

Retreat in Bali details

I ran my first retreat in Bali in 2020, just before the borders closed due to the pandemic. I’m beyond excited to finally be hosting another magickal retreat in one of my favourite locations!

What you can expect in our Bali retreat:

* Twice daily yoga and/or meditation

* Trip to Pyramids of Chi for sound healing

* Ubud markets

* Breathwork & cold water therapy

* Trip to sacred waterfalls

* Healing by a traditional Balinese healer

* Cacao ceremony

* Moon manifesting workshop

* Intuition training

* Nutritious meals & smoothies/juices

* Aromatherapy for emotional wellness

* 1-hour massage

* Luxurious twinshare accommodation